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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions 3ds

by lasalledebaindemaman

posted in games

The history of the franchise Geometry Wars is very unusual. Having been introduced in 2003 by Bizarre Creation as a mini game placed in the garage of cars racing game Project Gotham Racing 2, he finally detached from the game to stand on its own. Following the passage of the studio Bizarre Creation Microsoft to Activision, the Geometry Wars license has also been acquired by the big publisher. Unfortunately for Bizarre Creation, Activision closed the studio after a few months of operation, but fortunately for us, Geometry Wars franchise was spared. So we have known for several iterations with some success both on PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and 3DS. I must say that as Obelix, I fell into the pot in 2003 when I discovered in PGR. As I played hundreds of hours on this minigame, you can imagine, I was very intrigued by the prospect of the return of this arcade shooter "double stick" in 2014.
A true arcade shooter
On the basis of the success of the original game, a simple principle which required us on techno background music to draw in each direction by moving us. Enemies married geometric shapes that have their own identity, that is to say, all these forms were moving in a different way. You had to resist as long as possible and hope to make a lot of points. To get there, you had to master the art of harvesting left by multiplying each enemy after exploded. Easier said than done ...

3ds emulator

It offers a good dose of adrenaline and frustration in beautiful HD coating. No doubt in my mind that the $ 15 charged are legitimate
For Geometry Wars 3 dimensions, we take everything fans had enjoyed old with superior presentation and many additions. A campaign is now available which you needed a goal to accomplish at each stage. In the end, we awarded you one, two or three stars depending on your score. The stars will be needed to unlock the next levels. These levels are quite difficult to do well, enough to keep you busy for a while. You have to accept not being good at first, time to unlock weapons or defense enhancements that help you more easily make points. Also new is the level boss. Regularly, before you go further into the game you have to face a boss accompanied by a multitude of enemies. As you understand its displacement and finding weaknesses to not only fight, but collect stars to proceed.
This time, levels of design was pushed much further. Several levels adopt surprising shapes like a sphere and even a peanut on which we move. These levels that change often add a lot to the life of the game, forcing us to a lot of trial and error to find the vulnerabilities of each form level. Adding to the career mode, online battles for up to 8 players at a time. As a team, you have to control the areas and make as many points as possible before the time runs out. But Geometry Wars Geometry Wars would not be without a nod to the old players like me who have invested time in the past, too much to the taste of my wife without a doubt. So are present, all the old modes classified under the "classical" tab. Whether to make the most points in 3 minutes, with 3 lives, fighting wave after wave, resist without being able to shoot once or pull when we are in a circle, you will reconnect with the pleasure and frustration of the past but with stunning HD graphics at the discretion of the day. Naturally, these conventional methods are able to compare with the rest of the world and your friends list.
Final Focus
There are really no negatives to report with Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions except that the game is relatively difficult. It offers a good dose of adrenaline and frustration in beautiful HD coating. No doubt in my mind that the $ 15 charged are legitimate provided initially to have an interest in this kind of quick games, explosive and downright alienating mentally. The designers in my opinion, managed to reinvent the arcade shooter in 2014. Epileptic refrain!

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